San Diego Electro-Pop Artist
Natalie Rae's Biography

     Natalie Rae Barone (“Natalie Rae”) enters the Entertainment Industry with a singularly notable handicap. The simple fact is that Natalie’s childhood and adolescence are almost entirely devoid of drama or mystery. The first child of prosperous and loving parents, Natalie experienced no more tragedy or angst than those mild indignities that any attractive Southern California girl might encounter. It is therefore all the more noteworthy that in an arena where quirky, odd and dysfunctional early lives often breed future stars, she has been able to develop an appealing and entertaining body of work that is now being truly expressed.

     Encouraged and supported by her parents, Natalie undertook a regimen of artistic training from the age of six. Without Natalie Rae Biography Picture 01design, (but fueled by an innate appreciation of an inner light in Natalie), they encouraged her “cross-training” in dance, voice and acting endeavors. An early “resume” of Natalie Rae would show an eclectic mix of dance trophies, increasingly important roles in school and professional studio plays and vocal performances at various Southern California venues. Natalie routinely collected accolades and acclaim. However, at the time in life when genuinely gifted people find that talent alone is not going to carry you into fulfilling your destiny, Natalie, unlike many, found another gear.

Motivation and Inspiration caught up to Talent.

     In short order, Natalie crossed over her artistic “event horizon” and achieved the singularity demonstrated in her recently released Demo CD What’s My Secret. In a musical climate that all too often strives to differentiate artists by how “provocative” they can be, Natalie Rae (who writes all her own lyrics) is “evocative.” Her art draws upon her audience’s experiences from WITHIN themselves rather than forcing messages UPON them. Typical of much artistic creation, unique inspirations don’t punch a time clock……….consider the birth of the first track, L.I.V.E., as Natalie recalls its creation. Access the Song Lyrics Page to read more.

Natalie Rae Biography Picture 02 Track two, Wanna Be Loved had a much more measured genesis, as you can read in the song lyrics page. Jason Derulo served as Natalie’s inadvertent muse in bringing Dancin’ on the Floor to life. “…The poppy vibes to his song inspired me to want to talk about dancin’ (since I am a dancer), but I didn’t want the typical dance song. So I thought of a scenario that I was well known for in my high school.” Read more about Dancin on the Floor on its Lyrics page.

     ”Toxic Love” (Natalie’s personal favorite) concludes the CD with the more contemplative artist, where she re-expresses the universal question about the costs and benefits of the most misused word in the world (“Love”) and indirectly engages the audience to filter the message through their own unique circumstances. See more at Song page.

     Like most “overnight successes” the roll-out of the demo CD is really the product of several years of bumps, bruises, scrapes and falls in the creative artistic process. As Natalie Rae enters her 20th year, she has already paid the dues of overhyped production companies (bad things), support roles (143 Video, back-up vocals for David Wagner (Bleedstreet Warsaw Pact), House of Blues (LA) and numerous Southern California small venue gigs (good things).

     When you can stop Natalie long enough to ask “What’s Up?” you are surprised at her grasp and focus. Having Natalie Rae Biography Picture 03 paid the dues of countless hours of training, rehearsing, performing, writing and polishing her craft, she has an acute awareness of where she has been, is now and where she is going. “…ElectroPop is the genre I feel most comfortable with”, she will tell you. “…It is the perfect example of Art catching up with Technology. Actually, ElectroPop is the rebirthing of a musical style that arose in the late 70′s with the Moog Synthesizer fad. Essentially, the idea was that music could be generated by machines. Unfortunately, the limitations of the analog technology in place at the time limited the genre to music, that, at best, had a “dance-ability” profile; but without the capacity to really integrate creative lyrical content.”

     As the success of artists such as Katy Perry demonstrates, this is a genre that has reached critical mass. Changing from an analog to a digital world has opened a small, but discrete window for genuinely creative lyricists to incorporate unique and compelling creative content into works that have the mechanical “hooks” that technology driven applications can provide. Natalie believes that “…apart from silence, music is the most effective way we have to express the inexpressible…” and is poised to take on the ElectroPop stage by storm. Her unremarkable background and the resultant level of poise and professionalism already expressed clearly demonstrate that she is a “tabula rasa” upon which many a future story will be written.